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Merge branch 'new-qa-tools-base-image' into 'master'

Switch to new Q&A tools base image

See merge request !2
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FROM python:3-buster
RUN addgroup --system pylint \
&& adduser pylint --system --gecos "" --no-create-home --disabled-password --shell /bin/false --ingroup pylint \
&& mkdir /code \
&& chown pylint:pylint /code
RUN pip install --no-cache-dir pylint-odoo
COPY pylintrc /etc/pylintrc
USER pylint
COPY --chown=root:root pylintrc /etc/pylintrc
# C8101: One of the following authors must be present in manifest: 'Odoo Community Association (OCA)' (manifest-required-author)
# C8105: License "OPL-1" not allowed in manifest file. (license-allowed)
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